woudl u guys consider angel of death by slayer an intermediate level song?
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i dont see the point of deciding song difficulty? but if you were id think its not a easy song to pick up. SLAYER RULES!!!!!!!!!
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I'd go for Beginner lol...that song is simple...besides some parts in the solo...other than that...it's easy...especially if you're playing King's part
rest=depends how good of a player you are, for me i would say it's borderline begginer and intermediate
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Angel of Death is not a beginner's song. It requires a fast picking hand. No beginner has a chance what-so-ever of achieving that speed.
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Angel of Death is quite the easy song. If you down pick the entire thing it MIGHT be a little more difficult. If it is difficult, you are a beginner. =(
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In my opinion the song isn't really that hard. I'd say after about a year, to a year and a half you could get it, depending on how much you practice. As for down picking, well it's easier for me to go fast like that as opposed alternate picking, and that's because I used to practice master of puppets like crazy, but it really helps because I have a lot more endurance than most people. Only hard part is the solo, and that's just slayer mode (a.k.a wanking), but if you take it slow you'll get it.
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pretty much same thing as everyone else, though I think a beginner playing for half a year could tackle it, use it to build up speed and accuracy.