Rusty Nail by X Japan
Silent Jealousy by X Japan
Jiyuu e no Shotai by L'arc en Ciel
Driver's High by L'arc en Ciel
Canon Rock by JerryC

yea all asian songs

out of 10, 100 or w/e... intermediate, advance etc is too vague
just answer the songs you know if you dont know the others

Are there english songs of these type? its like... really pop rock and melodious... i really like it
Rusty Nail by X Japan
Silent Jealousy by X Japan
Jiyuu e no Shotai by L'arc en Ciel
Driver's High by L'arc en Ciel
Canon Rock by JerryC
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Rusty Nail by X Japan
Silent Jealousy by X Japan
Jiyuu e no Shotai by L'arc en Ciel
Driver's High by L'arc en Ciel
Canon Rock by JerryC
e=mc hammer

what this fellow is trying to say is.....if you're not Asian, you can't play it.
rofl... im asian though.. and i still cant play them that well...

but yea... -.-
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Only one I know is Canon rock and its probably a decent 4/5 ish.

Some fast sweeps and some nice shreds.
to calculate the difficulty of canon rock, you take the square root of pi, times fibbonacci's triangle.
EDIT: ****, thats the formula to make toast with. sorry.
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the only one i know is cannon rock..and id rate it 10/10 to play it really well.. i mean what techniques are not used in that instrumental ? apart from a squel or sumit
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only one i've heard of is canon rock and damn its pretty hard. i've been trying to learn it since last year but then put it down cos i couldnt sweep.
I've also only heard Canon Rock but that one looks pretty hard. He's basically playing a song that's normally played by an entire orchestra on one guitar. That's ballsy.
Lol. Seems we all just know Canon Rock...actually I'd give it 7/10. Except for one sweep somewhere in there that's damn wide and even faster than that.
Canon rock is way easy, it sounds hard because of the sweeps but the D Major scale is super easy to play and the sweeps are very straight forward and easy to memorise the hardest part about the song is memorising all the notes. Yngwie Malmsteen songs are like 5X harder, the coordination is all ****ed up and unpredictable.

Canon= 4 Out of 10
I'm 13 and can play Canon Rock - although I had difficulty with the sweeping.

7/10 for Canon Rock.
everyone on here is at a different level, some people could eat up canon rock just by looking at the tabs and playing it through once, others may take another couple of years of practice to get it down.

since I write a lot of slow material my sweeping and shredding and what not is rarely practiced, i can play all of canon rock after 3 years of playing except the sweeping parts, because i never really cared for sweeping. and now that i see its uses i kick myself often

without sweeping it's a fairly easy song, with, it becomes much much more difficult to someone who's sweeping isn't spot-on
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