I'd like to point out, before reading the lyrics. It's a song played on the acoustic. A duet, if you require the tabs, if you so desire contact me. Now, the vocals are reminiscent of a more...softcore sound, Finger Eleven, 30 Seconds To Mars, could be used as examples to how the lyrics are meant to be. in a way, but a special note, the lines in brackets are supposed to be sang by two vocalists. Enjoy.

(Verse 1)
Another page turned,
One of many bridges burned,
Forgive me,
For causing so much doubt,
I've been so cold,
Chilled by the rain,
One more time,
(Just one more time)
The closest demons,
Have never been so far,
Do you even know who you are,
Can we stay a little longer,
In this dream,(This dream)
(Verse 2)
Oooh, Will you go on,
Coming down as the rain,
Covering all this pain,
The soft whisper of your name,
And I wear my shame,(My shame)
'Cause we can overcome,
Whatever can be thrown at us,

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Dreams so fragile,
Can we stay a while,
The taste so bitter,
Of the failed search for her,
Stare in that mirror,
A face full of fear,
Oh can't you hear,
The sound so cold,

(End with chorus x3)