I'm looking for a cheap-ish overdrive/distortion pedal that can generate warm overdrive but also be pushed into a bit more higher-gain sound. Is this pedal a good choice?
I would actually recommend the Marshall Guv'nor II Plus, it sounds a lot like a JCM800/900. It's good for everything from ZZ Top to early Judas Priest and even some Metallica.

That's my personal preference. I thought the Guv'nor was a little brighter, and the MXR was a little warmer.
I've got an MXR Distortion III. It's a pretty basic, easy to use distortion pedal with a pretty decent range of tones. There are so many distortion pedals out there, mnay with narrowly focused tones, so it depends on what you like and what you want. I'd recommend trying one out first to see if it meets your expectations. I like it, but it might not be "brutal" enough, depending on what you're looking for. In some way's I'd consider it a "super-overdrive" compared to some of the metal-oriented distorion pedals. Again, depends on what you're looking for, but I'm a big fan of MXR products and they're always my first choice.
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great pedal. If you dont really want the tone knob the Distortion + is the same pedal without a tone stack. Both are incredible pedals and have great versitility. Try both and see what you like
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