My guitar teacher only wants to teach me theory.
I am the kind of person who requires immediate gratification.
This is why I gave up guitar when I was 17.

21 years later I dip and dabble, can strum some chords.
I just want to learn basic rhythm guitar... strumming chords and
keeping a beat.

The theory is not interestng to me and it causes me not to want to play.

Any suggestions...
i think the best way to get good at guitar is to learn theory, which is taught best by a teacher, but if just want to mess around, dont bother with lessons. it sounds like you dont want to become a good guitarist

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instant-gratification is hard to come by with the guitar.. without learing the basics, you're not going to be able to play anything worthwhile, so do what your teacher says and it WILL pay off.
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at first i didnt want to learn theory either and played for a few months without any help and learned a few things here and there but it is really hard to progress without theory and a good teacher
instant gratification = happiness for about 30 seconds.
effort and practice to get something awesome = lifetime of enjoyment.

think about it.

theory can be a boring subject, but the best way to learn it is from a guy who's going to make it exciting. they're hard to find, but if you find a teacher that can teach you that kind of stuff in a way that makes you go "wow, i wanna know more," then you know you've got the right teacher.

however, if you're looking to just learn some chords and not really know what they do or mean or how it all works, i hate to tell you, but you'll never be 100% truly gratified for your efforts.
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