Is there a pedal that makes your guitar sound like a piano?
Yes, but it cost alot and won't sound too great. Look for the Roland guitar synthesizers.
ok i'll look into it thank you.

Does anybody have the Roland GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer?
if ya do, can you tell me how the piano sounds on it?
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I've always wondered this ever since I started playing.

I never knew it existed, I thought I was on the verge of a new invention
btw, thatd be wierd to have an acoustic grand piano on guitar.....you cant bend piano notes or vibrato or anything like that....
yeah that would be weird,
I'm gunna see if i can go to the local music stores and see if they have anything and try em out,
I dont want to spend $400 or $500 on something that doesnt sound good
I've never tried it, but I'd heard it at a guitar convention, or some roland product that made th guitar sound like a sax. It was mad ill.
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Electro-Harmonix POG

do you have one?

Its called a piano.
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Its called a piano.

Agreed. Why try to imitate a different instrument, the guitar has a wide enough variety of amazing tones.
POG simulates an organ.
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Agreed. Why try to imitate a different instrument, the guitar has a wide enough variety of amazing tones.

It'd be pretty cool to have midi on a foot controller, so you could have the live guitar sound, and the ability to suddenly have any synthesised instrument harmonizing with you when you stomp on it. You could do the section of the Animals version of house of the rising sun where the organ comes in doubling the guitar arpegio for instance. (first thing that sprang to mind)
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Just move it around the fretboard
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Electro-Harmonix POG

That's an octavey keyboardy organy sound, not exactly a grand piano. There's synths and stuff though that could work for you.
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You might pick something like the Roland GR or (better) the Axon AX100MKII plus good, seperate piano samples, which you'd load on your computer and trigger from your guitar.
^ seconded.

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