alright i'm the songwriter in my band and we have 3 songs as of right now and the lyrics are pretty catchy but simple. Aside from that most of the other stuff I write I'm unhappy with. My favorite bands are The Beatles and Pink Floyd but as a songwriter I listen to mostly new bands like Taking Back Sunday, Death Cab For Cutie, and Panic!(the list goes on). Now the songs we have now lyrically aren't much like any of them. I noticed when looking at the booklet that comes with there cd that there lyrics aren't written out the same way they sing them in there songs. It's poetry. I'd just like to know how to approach a piece like that when it comes to writing in that style.
If someone could help me out, that'd be great.

thanks in advance

Read poetry. It'll help you express yourself in more "sophisticated" ways. By that, I mean you'll become more fluent with literary devices and language as an evocative tool.
I love the way Stephen Crane gets his points across. Very powerful and sharp.
Well, one writing discipline you could try is to write a set of lyrics that relies strongly on a rich, evocative approach; instead of relying on narrative, use strong, non-cliché, imagery to paint a lyrical portrait that gets the point across by manner of appealing to the senses.
Yeah, but there's a big risk in using metaphor when you're not adept at using it effectively. Lots of beginner writers go a little overboard on metaphorical language, and the reader/listener is left wondering whether a song really is about "the melting butter on the burnt toast, all of which owe the pains of existence to the corrupt toaster of doom".

But then again, you'll probably have to write a few crap lyrics before your true writing style emerges, so just give everything a try. Flexibility will keep you from writing redundant/basic lyrics.