Hi everyone

Hope someone can help me out,my guitar is making a weird buzzing vibration sound(the low E string to be exact) and i cant record anything cos of this,I changed the strings but the problem still is there.
If anyone can shed some light on this issue it would really help me out
maube ur tremlo is too loose and when u play the low e string it vibrates and makin a buzzing sound, it happens to me sumtimes
mmm my strings are kinda low i guess
my guitar is a epiphone black beauty if that helps.
Whats the best way to tighten the Tremelo?
It buzzin most time i play hard really
Have you checked the action, the bridge, the nut, and made sure the truss rod is adjusted properly? Have you checked and made sure everything was tight like the tuners and bridge saddles? What kind of bridge do you have? What kind of guitar do you have? Have you switched to different strings? Have you tried take the string off and putting it back on a couple of times?

I just went though looking at buzzing on my guitar and these are all things I looked it. Mine worked itself out just by playing with different things. Have you tried listening to where the buzz is coming from? Try a small piece of paper between the sting and each fret wire to try and determine if its coming from one of the frets and if it is to find out which one its coming from(suggested to me by Jenny) or is it a buzz when the string is open?
I have 3 humbucker pickups and my guitar is an epiphone black beauty.Thanks for the suggestions i will try what you have said hopefully will help me
When im playing chords or the string open im getting this noise.I put on new strings also which didnt work
Pick the buzzing string and pull down on it behind the nut, see if the buzz stops. Yes, it will pull it out of tune, but it also puts tension on the string behind the nut. If the buzz stops, the nut slot is too flat. It's not all that common, but the nut slots have to be angled downward just a little to give them a point to sit on. If the nut slot is too flat, the string will sit on too much surface area and it will buzz. It can drive you crazy because it's not easy to find if you don't know to look for it. The nut slot could also be too wide.

Also check overall string height, the action could be too low causing buzz, as already suggested. I think that's most likely, and if the pickups are too high the string could be buzzing on them. Look down the neck from the tuning head, it should have a slight bow away from the strings in the middle. All it needs is a very slight backbow, just enough to tell it's there. If it's perfectly straight, take it to a competent guitar tech to have the truss rod adjusted. Straight is not necessarily bad, but can be problematic if you play really hard, the middle of the strings is where the vibrational pattern is widest and they need room to breathe. This should be part of a comprehensive setup, if it is needed, and should always be checked. Don't try it yourself unless you definitely know how, truss rods break easy. I think the action is too low, and that's the entire ball of wax.

Tremolo="whammy bar" If you don't have one, don't worry about the adjustment. Since this is an Epiphone Les Paul I doubt you have one, it would be a Floyd Rose or Kahler, and you would probably be already aware of it, they aren't standard equipment on most Epiphones. What you'll most likely have is a standard Tune O Matic bridge with two thumbwheels, they raise the action. Loosen the strings before adjusting, then retune. This one you can do yourself easy, just raise it a little on each end and retune, repeat if necessary until the buzz is gone and you like the action. Then reset intonation, it will affect it at least to a minor degree, some guitars more than others. Quite often I don't have to change more than one string just a bit, usually the G.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
detune a little, loosen the top screws on the bridge post.

the thumbscrew (pointed to by red arrows) will now be loose enough to raise a bit.

tighten it all up, see if that works out a little better for you.
if not then repost.

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