ok i wanna put this thing in my sig, but idk how to make it work, providing that it would even work, but i made this sig/banner and it gives me all these codes and **** that read:

Use this URL to access your new sig: http://sigs.guildlaunch.net/sig.php/1004663HuDXz.png

Guild Launch Forum Signature:
<A href='http://sigs.guildlaunch.net'><img src='http://sigs.guildlaunch.net/sig.php/1004663HuDXz.png' border='0'></a>


<img src='http://sigs.guildlaunch.net/sig.php/1004663HuDXz.png' border='0'>

typing in the very top one will give you the picture of what i wanna link, but i cant seem to figure out which one to use and how do do it, all i know how to do is do the (Invalid img) thing but that doesnt seem to work.
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BTW that's not called programming.

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BTW that's not called programming.

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