- Has to be acoustic based but can have and is not limited to Bass, Drums, and Electric Guitar
- One song per person
- No limit to amount of people who can enter, unless it gets silly
- no date set yet until we get some entries in


Eurostyle Voting: This means that everyone votes. Basically you listen to all the entries and put them in order of which one you liked the best to which ones you didn't like as much,


1st - Bob
2nd- Joe
3rd - Hippopotamus

and you PM the vote to me, after everyone votes I post the entries on the front page and declare the winner

My entry will Be "Sunrise" www.myspace.com/grahamkoreski or www.grahamkoreski.com

Graham3333-Sunrise (www.myspace.com/grahamkoreski)
redstapler1228- How Do you Do (www.myspace.com/rickfuimo)
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Ah, what the hell. I'll give it a shot. Dunno which song yet though...may have to tinker with some editing...
well I wanna join. not sure which song I want to enter with, though...
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light