I was wondering what the technical name of what guys like Andy Mckee, Don Ross, and Justin King play if there is one? Probably a dumb question but I dont think fingerstyle quite covers it. Everytime i look them up to find a tab or something it says they're fingerstyle, but what they play is more like badass percusive style finger tapping sometimes chord strumming maniac stuff.
I kinda wondered about this too. I told my friend to look up Antoine Dufour, and he said sure what kind of music does he play? And I was like uhhh....pretty?
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slap guitar

Yeah i completely forgot about that. Wasn't thinking straight +1 to you sir.
this music needs a way better name. like ultra baddass style. well i just got drifting down, now its time to conquerer knockin on wood wish me luck!
i think its just acoustic. there are so many different styles of acoustic so all i would say is acoustic. then you show them. then they go =O
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