so i've been trying to learn maxwell murder, iv been playing for 2 years, and its just jsut above my level.

i kno im probably gonna hear jsut practice, im usually one of the first to say that.

but is there any kind of like super somethin or other any of you advanced ppl would know of that would help me get it.....
i can play that fast for most of it but ill get tired towards the end

its mainly my left hand that cant keep up

FYI: fingerpicking not a pick

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are you left handed...if so...then you'll have better luck keeping up with a pick rather than finger picking..if your not left handed and the problem is in keeping up with the notes on the neck..then really all youcan do is practice
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When I learn a song, I usually go over it in my head a million times, and i also finger it while going over it in my head. So, something to do in my BCIS class, besides posting on the UG forums..
Which is what I do in my BCIS class :O