So where does the pit buy anime dvds? I'm thinking of buying the complete box set of Samurai Champloo for my birthday. I need some suggestions on where to get it cheap.
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Samurai Champloo is really good! I have not seen all of the series though because SBS stopped showing it. Anime is always expensive for some reason.. You could probably get it samurai champloo off ebay. I usually buy it from a shop called JB HI-FI. They have a reasonable amount of anime, the prices are ok.. but not that good. Because of the high prices of anime and because I have usually seen about half of the series I would be buying, meaning I would not be getting very good value for money because I don't really want all the episodes I have already seen, I use bit torrent (although I still buy a reasonable amount, when i have not watched any of the series, or if its a movie).
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