I got a used Roland Cube 20X recently on eBay. The problem I'm having with it is the large amounts of buzzing that comes from it, even at lower volumes and on all settings, including the cleans. This goes away when I hold the input cable a certain way, but only then. I'm assuming it's a grounding problem in the input jack, but I'm not sure. Is this my problem, and is it easily fixable by me? Or should I have someone service it? Thanks
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make sure that all your connections within the amps are secure, and if that doesn't help, then yeah, seek professional help.
More than likey its your input jack or your cable. Try a different cable. If that fixes it, then its the cable. If not its probably the jack on your amp or your guitars jack.
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open the thing up...I'm sure its easy as taking out a bunch of screws as ive done it with the micro cube before and look at the solder connection on the jack for the guitar to plug into.
most likely its got a loose solder joint which is easy to fix if you know how to do basic soldering.

I think they are board mounted jacks meaning it will be soldered directly to the PC which makes it a little hard to get at...but not too hard to fix.

first check be switching guitar cables..could be a bad cable
I've tried multiple cables, both direct in and through my effects chain, and that didn't seem to do anything. The electronics issue may be affecting it now, but it's done it before then too. I'm gonna settle on a jack issue, cause my guitar's sounded clean through other amps I've played it with.
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