It's one of the worst feelings in the world. =[
My band, Shotglass Superstitions, broke up two hours ago.
The keyboardist thought it was going nowhere,
The bassist quit because the she did.
We had almost gotten another drummer because the other one quit 2 weeks ago.
So, I was left with myself, a leadguitarist, and an empty room.

It's like a bad relationship. You know it's over, but you do nothing to try to save it, and when it does end you're like 'Why me?'

I don't know what to do.

Anthony (lead guitarist) and I are talking about mending the band, getting new members and calling it Sector 17.

Anyone else have stories of bands breaking up?
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haha yeah it sucks. when i quit the last band I was in, the guitarist punched me in the face and we got in a little scramble.
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idk ive always had a anthony keidis/flea relationship where me and my drummer just change guiatrists and singers and keyboardists lik every year or so but ive never had my band slpit up
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yea it sucks more the monica luenskion on Bill Clinton.


hmm no seriously though that sucks.
ive been in plenty bands.
finally found one im really happy with.
and if it breaks up, im done.
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i can feel the same way, tho my band never broke up....we just never had gotten together yet....i then we feel like we never get anywhere cause we don't have a drummer
that sucks. i'm a pretty crap situation too. i'm trying to choose between being a lead guitarist/singer for a trio i've formed, or im gonna be a drummer for my friends band. I want to do both but i know in the end its not gonna work out for both bands, and i'm gonna have to give up one or the other.
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