I actually found some other people near by that played different instruments that i could jam with. Anyways we are planning on getting together to jam this weekend but i'm a newb when it comes to playing with others. I play guitar and really that’s all I know about. So does any one have any tips on making the instruments flow and sound good together ( how to make the drums and guitar rhythm flow together and not screw each other up, and what bass guitar should do) I know probably a stupid question but some tips would be nice.
-Know how to play in a key
-be able to listen so you know what the other guys are doing
-dont get to stressed just jam and have fun
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Learn some songs so that you can cover them, that's the easiest way to start off really.

The improvisation and extended jam sessions come later, first things first: cover a song and have fun!
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well what we usually do, is pick a simple song, then bass and drums just play their parts, one guitar plays the rhthym, and the other guy just sort of solos over it, then we weave guitar parts...this is only if were just jamming, if were actually writing its a different story.

But yeah, just have fun, noone cares if you mess up.
Just play simple kind of stuff to gain confidence when playing with others, and like everyone else has been saying, have fun!
When I warm up with my band, I usually get the bass and drums on a set pattern. That way, they can get back in the groove, lock with each other, and things like that. Tight rhythm section = awesome. Then I usually solo over the pattern, and letting my fingers get used to it all. Of course, before all of this, we're warmed up separately.

Then I usually say to my drummer "Hey, gimme a drum beat" and he'll play one. Then my bassist joins in, and then I listen to what the bass is doing, and I play either chords or solos with it.

Often at times, I'll just have a riff that I have, and I'll play it. Then, everyone adds on, creating a decent jam.

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Don't worry about impressing anybody with technical ability, just know that they are concentrating on what they are doing and you only need to sound nice, because that's what everyone wants.