Yes, i checked the computer help thread and couldnt find anything. soooo. I just got this laptop from my parents and everything seems very messed up. Heres a pic so you guys can see my problem.

Give it some time, and I don't really see the problem as long as all the links still work.
it does that when i sign on at my library at myschool sometimes computers won't jot in the style html which is going on with that. (i think) now i'm no genius, but it should go normal if you restart your compy
Seems like, for whatever reason, the computer (more specifically the firefox) has so much security in place that it isn't letting custom fonts/page colors be shown. Use the tools/preferences menu to adjust that. Should take care of it.
try this

view -> page style -> basic page style
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some networks may not allow html to be shown. it could be as simple as firefox not allowing the scripts to run or a failed communication with the website itself.
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its not just websites. its also programs will not have colors or anything

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tried everything with firefox its still not working. and since it affect everything on my computer im pretty sure it doesnt have anything to do with firefox.