I searched and didn't come up with an answer to this question which I feel has probably been answered somewhere on here. Problem is that its hard to search for because the search ignores the J and US. Anyways, If someone could point me to a dealer or something that would import one if I were interested

This is just stunning!

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just ASK an ibanez dealer in your area to order one in for you, i think the ibanez website has a list of dealers around the world
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Bah, I just found the japanese price of the guitar. Its about $2500. Thats just a bit higher than I wanted to spend. And even if I was going to spend that much, I got a price quote for a custom made guitar for less than that. It would be a tough decision to make. Any more suggestions are welcome though.
Samick SPG650FF SBS Electric
Washburn D34 Acoustic
Peavey Valve King 212
Boss ME-50
people sell ones on ebay that fucking OWN that one that you posted.
man....the JCustoms are the sexiest guitars on the planet!!!!
unless i find the money/skill to custom make an alexi laiho with a neon green finish and black bevels.....

but yeah.
Jcustoms are no joke man.
im surprised you weren't planning on spending at least $3000.
but I saw one on ebay that had the most gorgeous...like rusting wood finish or something.
omfg i wanted to shoot myself because i couldn't handle the sex
i hope you change your mind dude.
if i could get a Jcustom right now id sell my body for one
try ibanezrules.com? im not sure though if they do j.customs...

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www.ibanezrules.com have J. Customs.

Also try Japanese web shops, they might be willing to ship to the US.

You might find one in a store, but they're difficult to find so good luck.
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