I have been playing guitar for approximately 6 years and I have recently discovered that I have developed a bad fingering habit when playing ascending runs.

When playing a simple 1, 2, 3, 4 chromatic exercise, I seem to keep the previous fingers anchored on the string after I have played the note. For example, when playing that run I fret the 1st note with my index finger, then when I fret the 2nd note with my middle finger, I leave my index finger on the 1st note instead of lifting it up off the string. So when I have fretted the 4th note with my pinky, I have all my fingers holding down their respective notes.

This doesn't seem to affect my speed too much as I can play descending runs at the same speed as ascending runs.

I was just wondering if it is worth spending months and months to try get out of this habit and lift the preivous finger off the string as the next one comes down?

Any suggestions?

i'd try to get rid of it. i'm ocd about trying to better my self in things that might not matter all that much.
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...That's what you're supposed to do. Don't try to reverse that.
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I was under the impression that you should always lift each finger off the string as the next one comes down in order to acheive a more "fluid" playing motion and improve finger independence. I am a little unsure though. I am just trying to get my technique perfect to maximise speed, as I am mostly interested in playing "Shred Guitar".
Quote by Me2NiK
...That's what you're supposed to do. Don't try to reverse that.

It's not necessarily bad technique, but it's nice to be able to hover the first finger over the next string as you are using your 4th finger to fret the string you were just on.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Maybe I am just looking too much into it and trying fix something that doesn't need fixing. Like I said, it doesn't seem to affect my speed in anyway, I just thought it was bad technique.