what are some common chord progressions to play the harmonic minor scale over top of?

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you can go crazy in E harmonic minor over that B major.
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The Harmonic minor scale is merely a variation on the natural minor scale. Any progression you can play over the natural minor scale, you can play over the harmonic minor scale (some will sound weirder than others due to the sharpened seventh in the harmonic minor).
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yeah usally uyou use harmonic minor over the 5th in a ntural minor key.

ie. if you were in Em, you could go crazy neo-classical over a B chord.

if in Dm use it over A

etc. etc.
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Ok, harmonic minor originated to make the transition from the leading tone back to the root more stable. Melodic minor was similar in concept. Try a V vii I IV progression.
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My all time favorite chord progressions in harmonic minor:

i VI ii half diminished, V7 i

Or a straight up circle of fifths progression: i iv7 VII III7, VI ii half dim. 7 V7 i

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