I just got the Digitech Whammy and am extremely pleased with it, but i have a few questions on what to do with it...

The detune just sounds like a chorus effect to me, and rocking the treadle doesnt do much. is it supposed to do that?

2nd, Are there any songs that use the harmony settings? or, how should i use it?

Sigs are too hard to think up
1 - it should sound like a guitar slightly out of tune, or like a 12-string guitar

2- some bands use it to harmonize solos or leads. that's what's supposed to do with it. you right a solo, and then harmonize it. just be careful with scales
For the 2nd question...

In "Blue Orchid" by The White Stripes, I believe he mixes the original note with the 5th for pretty much the whole song. Yeah, he's actually not playing chords, he's just playing single notes.
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for the 2nd - the Intro from Know Your Enemy by Rage Against The Machine and check out other Rage Against The Machine or Audioslave songs

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