i'm in the market for a recording interface so i can record my music on to my computer. it doesn't have to b directly to the comp. like if it stores it on compact flash or sumthin that'd b cool. since my amp isn't by my comp. but i am looking for something that is fairly decent quality. and can handle at least two simultaneous inputs (more would b nice). and also if it were under 700 USD that would be awesome. sooo any ideas?
I recently bought a Presonus firepod and love it... They are about 700 US i think.... They are used everywhere, and are 8-input.... Comes with cubase le aswell
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Are you looking just to do basic recording of your guitar or an entire band? If you are just recording your guitar, there a lot of nice direct boxes with a USB interface that are pretty cheap:

Lexicon Lambda USB
Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini (If want to go the protools way)

I personally havent tried either of these, but from the reviews.. it seems you would be safe getting one of these.
not to hijack or anything, but what is a solution for full band recording with more than 2 channels (left/right)?
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There are TONS of products in the market in this class, so it may take some research to get at the feature set, price, and quality you're looking for. Also, very important, some are simply "more compatible" with certain DAWs and OS' than others. Check out the various product descriptions at any major online music or pro audio retailer, and you'll find tons of products listed. First, there are three types of computer audio interfaces available (and yes, many offer multi-channel, multi-input capability):

• Firewire

I'm no DAW expert, but from what I've gathered, the following are some key issues:

• Driver/OS compatibility.
• Driver/DAW application compatibility.
• WindowsXP MIDI driver "problem."

Another thing to consider, is the quality of your micpre, A/D, D/A. Some people invest $$$$ in just the micpres alone. This, however, I assume, is a more critical issue for acoustic guitar miking applications, and vocal recording.

Not that this one is right for you, but I'm planning to get the Tascam FW1804 Firewire Audio MIDI Interface which sells for $269. The price was right, but I mainly chose it because it's the only interface I could find that accepted more than one S/PDIF input. I'm able to feed it two S/PDIF inputs by using its ADAT input as a second S/PDIF input (I own three S/PDIF-equipped synthesizers). Plus, it's a rackmount unit, and all my stuff is currently rackmountable.

Also, be aware that the Mac OS seems far more agile at handling MIDI and audio interface driver issues than WindowsXP. If you're stuck using WindowsXP, be prepared for some possible installation issues. On the other hand, I have an old Tascam USB interface that I installed a while back in my old PC, and didn't have any problems at all.
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I too am looking for an interface (firewire preferably). Just need to hook my guitar to the Mac and record using Garageband (for now). Any suggestions?