haven't posted in awhile and theres been a lot goin on in my life and it sucks...so i wrote..and this is what i got...all crits greatly appreciated - thanks!

Unhappy Ending

Where did I go wrong?
This change of heart
Has got me feeling I don't belong
And I don't know where to go
I'm in this empty shell
And I'm starting to break away
I just know it's hard to tell
If i'll ever let you go

We were a box office classic
Of a modern day romance
But who would have known/thought
That this would be our last dance/chance
I keep slipping farther
Into my own mind
I've become my own worst enemy
And I'd rather be dead

How can I carry on?
That is the question
Staying up until dawn
Living in this frustration
Replaying moments in my mind
Of past memories I can't leave behind
If i said you left this heart
In my chest, I'd be lying
I personally in cases like this dont use refrences so i hesitant anout the Box office line though its good and makes sence it distracts from where your going with it.... also if have a recording of this it would help cause the melody does really make the song
i have a hard cast on right now so icant exactly play guitar haha but i'll try n get a recording as soon as possible...thanks

blarnbatt-what are you talking about?