Alright guys
i need your opinions

the guitar

i was going to get that guitar
i think its a pretty good deal
160 and it has a solid top too
theres been some good reveiws also

but before anyone tells me to spend more money for a martin or a taylor
i'm only really planning to use this guitar
to play with
and bring this guitar to school
also, i reallly dont have the money to get a martin or a taylor

tell me what you guys think
you're help is apprieciated

which type of epiphone do you suggest?
i dont really have a lot of money
so i'm shooting for around that area


i saw that
and thought it was pretty goood with its solid top
only thing is that it doesnt have a lifetime warranty and then the 1 year satisfaction deal thingy that i have with the first guitar
i dont know
I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one. Apart from the masterbuilts, I think Epiphone, albeit making very pretty guitars, are horrible sounding guitars. I've never played one that I thought was worth the price tag.

I honestly couldn't give you an informed opinion on the TGX your looking at, having never played one, but it looks like an okay deal on paper. That being said, I usually don't reccommend anything below $300 USD.
Oscar Schmidt...I've played several that were god sounding guitars, fairly well made and not expensive.

I've always liked Epiphone too, after the FT140 I had for over 10 years but was stolen in Austin Texas. If I ever find the guy...let's say he does not want to meet me...we're talkin' where's my shotgun...That guitar was one of the best I've ever played. Especially the Epiphones with a zero fret, they can be adjusted so they play almost like electrics. I have an FT130 right now, unfortunately it was dropped by a previous owner, I got it as a project guitar and the glue job didn't hold, too much stress, so I'm considering wood to build an electric using the neck.

Also check around at pawn shops, you find some deals now and then on good guitars that someone couldn't get out of pawn.

The most important thing is PLAY THEM...the only way you'll really know what guitar to get is to play every one you see that looks good, see how they play and sound. One day you'll pick one up and play and listen for a few minutes and you'll know you have to give it a good home. That's the one you want. Brand, finish, color, size, body style and price tag are all secondary considerations, you want the one you really like after you play it for a few minutes. That's why I'm sitting beside a Takamine EGS-330SC...Played it for a half hour a couple of times, it was the best sounding and playing guitar I'd found. That's why I would never order an acoustic online, you have no idea what it will actually play and sound like, each one is different. Check out guitars at a local music store, you'll see what I mean. Two identical guitars will play and sound different almost every time.

Actually, there's more to the story than that. I had been looking for a good acoustic for a long time, played this one in a pawn shop and liked it pretty well. Went back a few days later to try it out again, played it for about 30 minutes and at one point I realized, sitting there lost in my own little guitar world, there were about a dozen people in the store and I didn't hear any background noise...no people talking, checking out stereos and all that. Looked up and everyone in the place was watching me, including employees, who had heard me play a dozen times. I took it to the counter and haggled over the price, never looked back. If it sounds that good, everyone in the place stops to listen, that's the guitar I want. And it does sound really good, every time I take it somewhere and play it someone always comments about how good it sounds, and quite a few guitar players are amazed by how much sustain it has. And tune it to open G and it really stands out...I'm just glad I didn't have to pay new price for it...but I've tried out $1500 guitars at music stores that can't touch my $350 used Takamine. Played a $2000 Martin a few weeks ago, I actually laughed it sounded so dead and lifeless compared to this guitar...the store salesman told me "You need to take that one home" and was not happy when I told him "I wouldn't give you $20 for that piece of crap"...then walked over and picked up a Seagull that played and sounded better...

Check around, new or used isn't that critical, especially with an acoustic, a lot of them just get better sounding with age. The one major thing to watch for with new guitars though is the top, you want a solid top, not plywood. Most older guitars will be solid, using plywood for acoustics has only been done for a few years and usually only on the cheaper models.

Now get out there and play some guitars...
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