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So i wanted to get a tap tempo switch for my newly acquired Boss Rc-2 but after looking into the boss ones i decided they were too expensive and i could just make my own. Heres a quick rundown and short tutorial as to how i made a tap tempo switch for my rc-2.

Simple things you'll need are :

-SPST Momentary Switch (normally open)-I got mine from radioshack
-Mono Jack-Again radioshack
-An enclosure (i used this random square piece of plastic that worked perfectly, most anything sturdy will work)
-Simple tools including : Soldering iron/solder/wire cutters/2 small pieces of wire (i used wire from

Really all you have to do is solder each lug of the switch to a different lug of the jack. All i did was tin the parts, populate the enclosure and solder them together, it really is that easy. The closing of the signal sets the tempo when you hit the momentary footswitch. Now i know its not rocket science but i figured someone would benefit from this and save upwards of $50 or more on un needed tap tempo switches of which are bulky as well. Heres some pix of mine compeleted. Enjoy :thumb:

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That's really cool, how small it is and everything. It really needs to be full of red LEDs though...
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Nice one. I may add this to the tutorial thread if you don't mind? It'd help out a lot of new builders.
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Brilliant idea, that'll save loads of money and it looks cool too
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I've done a similar footswitch to my amp... saves money as hell
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I registered so that I could add to this thread. I'm thankful to the OP for the tutorial, but I have one thing to correct.

I made a dual tap tempo and a single based on this design, using the same Radio Shack parts. It turns out that the Boss RC-2 (which I have) and others (like the ME-50) actually operate using a normally closed circuit. When you hit the tempo it breaks the circuit. So you're actually operating these pedals backwards. Radio Shack does make a Normally Closed switch, but it's a tiny little thing, and may not be foot-friendly.

Digikey sells some NC switches:
There are others if you dig on the site. You want a Switch with a function "on-mom" If you search for "on-mom" you'll find things that will work. More expensive than the Radio Shack one listed here, but there's an important difference.

The reason this is a big deal - well, there are a couple of reasons. Take the RC-2 for example. Using a single tap tempo you can set the tempo fine using this switch, but when you stop tapping the device thinks you're holding down the switch. On the RC-2 this means that after two seconds it will erase your temporary loop that you maybe just did. In effect setting the tempo using this switch doesn't really accomplish anything because as soon as you stop tapping it erases what you just did. Then when you go to record your loop it guesses your tempo anyway, as if you never set the tempo in the first place.

If the switch you need has only one function (like the switch to turn off and on the compressor on the ME-50, for instance) either switch will work just fine. But if it's multi-function, with some functions being tap and others hold, the distinction is pretty huge.
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Interesting. So basically as soon as the tip is not grounded, it thinks you're done setting the tempo? Cool, I wanna see a schematic of one of these pedals.
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You know, I'm not the end-all authority on the subject, but I dont think he should be reported-- he had something related, useful, and cool that made sense with the original post.
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Yeah. Not trying to start a fight or anything, just showin some mercy to the new kids on the block.
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Quote by Invader Jim
I already reported him. It was thread jacking anyway. Ah well. The mods are human. They can choose not to warn him.

meh, i never really warn people for necro-bumping. usually just close the thread if the post isnt relevant. this seems ok though, its close enough to the original topic and this thread is kinda useful anyway.
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necro-bumping shouldn't be reported solely because the dude obviously used the searchbar to get his info instead of starting a new thread.

good call at keeping the mints in the box!
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Quote by noisefarmer
necro-bumping shouldn't be reported solely because the dude obviously used the searchbar to get his info instead of starting a new thread.

good call at keeping the mints in the box!

I agree, searchbar & old threads is better than new threads of the same stuff over and over again.
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Quote by Invader Jim
...maybe I should look at join dates, too...

C'mon, at least admit that:
1. He did the right thing using the searchbar, and posting in a relevant thread rather than start a new one.
2. For a April 09er his post was relevant and actually somewhat interesting (besides posting images wrong.)
3. Being new to the site doesn't make someone less of a resource for good information.
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Sorry for 'necro-bumping" (whatever that is) I've never used a forum in my life and found this one so I could build a tap tempo swich. I just wnted to show people something interesting on a great tap tempo tutorial since I used this as a guideline to build the switch. I'm still not sure what I did wrong.
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Necro-bumping is bumping (posting in) a thread that has had no new replies for several weeks or more.

And sorry for reporting you. But it's alright now since you didn't get warned or banned or anything. So can everyone just drop it?

Have a nice day.