Hi, can someone help me find a link for simple melodies and tunes, fingerpicking and such, cuz i searched for an hr in the forum and found zip ><
try 'behind blue eyes' by limp bizkit, its a a rlly nice arpegio, simple chords too, it just takes a while to get it compltly right, but dammit its such a kool song!
the start of 'always with me always with you' by joe satriani, has a nice arpeggio on a quite difficult chord that'll help with stretching etc
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ty! yay something to play!

O ima get an electric soon! and hopefully soloing isnt that hard.... or is it? can can someone reccomend me some tabs for an electric solo?
Check out 'Blackbird' by The Beatles. It's a great introduction to basic fingerpicking, and when you get it down it sounds really good (especially acoustic)

The intro to Cemetary Gates by Pantera is a nice sounding arpeggio and also sounds good acoustic
Niiiice! beatles! ya, im practiced that for about an hour, good stuff =)

Any more people?! i like stuff like, Nickelback (songs like far away) and fingerpiky stuff =)