Hi i am about to build myself a fuzz face and i would also like to build myself a wah wah pedal. i am looking for a reasonably cheap wah pedal. need schematics, parts list that sought of thing any help will be appreciated. thanx

ps. have done electronics at school for two years. difficulty is no issue. (just built a remote control car from scratch).

Not sure if you'll consider the build cheap or not. The shell alone will set you back about $40 unless you got the tools to make your own, or find one used. A good pot will be about $15 or $20 along with another $15 or $20 for an inductor. So yeah... not sure if thats cheap reasonably cheap for you or not. My wah costed me about $60 (give or take a few dollars) minus the shell.
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might use the schematics. can build my own case, got a lot of metal and wood working machinery.
Nice man! I have some plans to make my own case too, need a welder though

A majority of the wahs out there are based right off that Clyde schem, so you pretty much could get any wah tone you want with just a few simple changes
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To avoid further spam, the McCoy is an excellent way to go. I'd say you should maybe think about adding some extra pots or trimmers so that you can tailor the sound a bit more. You could add a mids resistor, gain resistor, vocality resistor, or do a rotary sweep cap switch. Very cool.
um... probably should have said this earlier. never made or used an effects pedal before lol. but sounds like a good idea. does anyone have any diagrams or schematics with wahs that have extra pots.
Hmm... schematic... nope. Sorry. I can walk you through the process, though. Basically, you can use pots set up as variable resistors to replace the 470 ohm resistor on Q1's emitter, the 100K/33K resistor, the 1.5K resistor parallel to the inductor, and the 68K resistor. They'll all give you some control over different parameters.
ah.... now i understand. will think about it. then i wouldn't be stuck with just one sound.
what value would the pots have to be and what would be the best two to substitute .
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Well, I haven't actually done all of those mods yet, so... I can tell you that the vocality pot is an excellent idea. You'd use a 100K linear taper pot or a 100K trimpot. Some other people might help you out with the rest.
one last thing.....
which resistor should be substituted for the vocality pot
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replacing the resistor parallel to the inductor with a 100k variable resistor.

it adds the high frequency threshold???
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