Ok, so i've been playing guitar and taking lessons now for a few years. before that i took piano, and before that Sax, so i have a very firm understanding of music. I have also been tutoring people in math, chemistry, and physics for some time. I realized the other day while tutoring one kid about a very boring branch of chemistry that my job as a tutor was very boring. It would be much cooler if I could teach something fun, like guitar. So I've decided to become a guitar teacher. Only problem is i have no idea how to teach guitar. I can teach my guitarist friends how to play a song, but i don't know how to build skill from the bottom up. where do i start? what do i teach them?
I have a few students who would like to take lessons from me, none of them have ever played guitar before. My question to you, UG, is where do i start? I can teach them anything, i just don't know what to teach them.
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i.e they should know how to read tabs, eventually remember basic chords, c and g, e, etc..

teach them correct fingering for a G chord

3 pinky
2 middle
3 ring

thats basics, then find out direction they wanna go in,

i.e. rythym?, metal?, country?, lead? malmsteen?
I would say get a beginner book, or series of books. Start working through it and if they find something they like then go on a little tangent for a while. Make sure to teach them to read standard notation as well as chord charts. Then tell them to go to a more competent teacher after about 3 months. You're not qualified to teach past that.
you should start with basic cords and short easy to remember rifts, for instance the first thing i ever learned was an E cord and a scale once they know how to play a little ask them what kind of music they like and try to teach them that.