Pattern 4 and 2?

Well, I wrote a song with tons of soloing in Am. It's called Despertar del Alma, and it's in my profile (after clicking "All Music") if you're ever so interested. If you mean patterns in regards to fretboard positions, I span the whole fretboard.
well, i think it would be for 2:

heres a diagram its too early for me to take out notes from it :

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Scales span the whole fretboard. They are formulas of intervals applied to notes, not "shapes" or "boxes". The formula for a Minor scale is 1 2 b3 4 5 b6 b7, and the notes of A minor are A B C D E F G.
Yeah - A minor is just A minor...there's no "A minor 2" or "A minor 4", just "A minor". the different positions are just different places where the scale occurs, but it's in all those palces at the same time, and its just the same 7 note pattern repeating.
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