Hello everybody, this is my first post in these forums, although they seem strikingly familiar to the MXtabs I used to frequent back in the day.

I just bought a Taylor Big Baby guitar at Guitar center, and after examining it, I think it may be not what I am looking for. The headstock, I just noticed, is a separate piece of wood than the neck, and where the neck joins the guitar, it is just screwed in at the fretboard (i. e. there is no support that runs from the bottom of the neck to the back of the guitar, unllike most acoustic guitars I have seen) which I am imagining is less sturdy, hurts sustain, and will give me action related problems in the future, as the action raised noticeably when I tuned it.

Anyway, I picked this guitar up because it sounded huge for its size, and I had heard good things about Taylor for the price, but I am going to take it back nonetheless.

I am primarily a bass player but am moving to acoustic guitar, so I dont know many of the basic things to look for, other than generally whether I like the looks and sound.

If anyone here could give me a reccommendation of a good, STURDY acoustic guitar, possibly a slightly smaller size, but not neccessary (I like a nice bright tone, while still being able to feel/hear the low end) for no more than $450, as that is what I payed for this one, and is all I have, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot,

I bought my Breedlove AC25/SM for only 440 (shipped) with a hard tweed case. Its got some wood to it, and has great sound all around, especially the low end IMO. It's a little smaller than a dreadnought and more comfortable, but feels heavier than most acoustics I've tried. I really like it. Sounds like a martin at fractions of the price. Breedlove are great bargains, and although Korean, very sturdy.

EDIT- that is a used price (Ebay), but mine was in mint condition
Yamaha FGs are good, make sure they have solid spruce tops which most of the FGs do and you'll be pretty much fine. Maybe look at some Washburns too?
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
I have been playing on my stepdad's Yamaha, and it is several years old yet plays great, and I have heard many good things about breedlove. I Havent been able to find a breedlove atlas series at any guitar centers (gift certificates) though. Thanks for the tips!