hey guys

i just added new drums to an old song of mine, it's called jellypop

i've allways hated teh drums on itr and i was mucking around with my drum software when i madea track that fit

tell me if u think it's a betetr drum track

new version in band profile, link in sig

old version at MYspace

wot do u think of the new drums, wot needs improving?
if anyoen can make a betetr drum track feel free

and leave me a link to ur song if u want it critiqued
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Hey, thanks for the super-helpful critique!

What a cool vibe on this song!

I can't tell, but it sounds like you either don't have a compressor on the voice, or it's not set hard enough. When your vocals become louder, they begin to drown out the guitar and drums.

Plus, I'd make those drums louder, they're pretty cool.
Oh! And I'd totally add more rhythm guitar on the intense parts, just to build the wall of sound.

Crazy stuff, for sure. I'm diggin' it.
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nice original feel to it.....def a killer piece.....im enjoying it......teh vox are good...but when I got to teh louder parts they are too loud.....!!!!.....but teh song itself was brilliant....i loved it....Keep rockin....PEAC EOUT
wow, do i hear qotsa! thats good man! vocals could come down just a tad so they dont clip. i listened to the one on myspace, and the drums were one of the stand out parts to me. it really caught my attention.

i like this track dude!!!!!

keep rockin
\M/ b4br4d \M/

nice distorted bass, although it seems very synthed. the drums need to be louder, the bass is overpowering them. vocals, were decent, but i can't tell whether you're a good singer or not, because of all the distortion. the song was really repetitive.
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Thanks for the crit,

I like the distorted synthesized sound youve created, is it both guitar and bass? it sounds like powerchords but on a bass??? it has a very QOTSA vibe like above, but i think the velocity of the vocals could come down and the drums should come up, also mess around with different drum patterns to get a 'boost' when the song comes back in.

- Dave
its decent ideas without a band so you need to come back when you have a full lineup...4 track or no 4 track it still sounds like you are pissing around a bit
Quote by zzany1
its decent ideas without a band so you need to come back when you have a full lineup...4 track or no 4 track it still sounds like you are pissing around a bit

i am pissing around and i don't need a band to maek music, that's very closed minded
cool vox, reminds me of of the strokes a little bit. The distorted bass needs a little tighter sound, maybe buff up the 3k hz in a eq so it helps give it a little bit more definition, and makes the notes a little more present. i liked the drums better in your new one, but they have to be turned up a little bit, the snare doesnt have the snap, with a little EQing on those im sure they could sound decent also. keep up the good work, and things for the feedback.
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