hi i am intending to make a fuzz face and a Vox Clyde Mcoy Wah. i have some metal working machinery but would be able to make a wooden cas much easier. would a wooden case work. every case i have seen is metal/
Dont quote me on this, because I dont have a clue, but isnt the metal case sometimes used for grounding?.....Meh, I dont know.
Yeah you'll need to shield it with copper tape or something and then solder all the pieces of tape to your ground. You'll also need to account for things that are normally grounded through the case like pots or whatever if there are any that don't touch the tape. Other than that you should be good.
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You can also buy a metal case for cheap, for the Fuzz Face anyway. The wah will be really expensive for a standard Vox-type enclosure (about $40!) but you could fit a Fuzz Face in an enclosure that'll only run you eight or so dollars.
as far as the fuzzface is concerned electrical utility boxes ftw there about 4 bucks ( the one on the far left is a utility box i just drilled out )
probably will buy a box for the fuzz, might try and come up with a design for the wah.
Cool idea, Just make sure its braced quite sturdily inside, cause i just had this vision of someone getting overexcited and crushing their retro new pedal enclosure =D

and yes, i know "Retro New" doesnt really make sense but
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shielding doesnt really matter that much, all of the pedals should be adequately shielded by themselves (they are in metal boxes after all) wood will flex more although, so when you stomp on it it will give more, which might feel better to you, wood will be quite a bit easier to do.
not to worried about strength of enclosure. they're only for muck around purposes. still think buying a metal case for a fuzz face will be easier/
On second thoughts
How about a metal chassis with wooden cover for the enclosure?
I Love Oreos, And im English =D
i wasn't really worried about the wooden look if that's what you mean i just thought it would be easier to make but thanx anyway