I'm hoping to get a distortion pedal for Christmas for my bass.
I already have a Wah.
So, gimme some ideas for a good pedal at a good price!

Dee Dee Ramone

Fender Squire P-Bass
Lyon Wah Pedal
Peavey Blazer 158 amp

I got myself a double muff for £45. The thing sounds incredible.
I'm in love with my BOSS ODB-3. It's really good and kind of cheap-ish too compared to most pedals out there.
EHX big muff *ducks fitzy's attack* nah seriously stay the hell away from the muffs.

i recommend the BOSS ODB3 or the Digitech Overdrive. they are both fantastic pedals that will preserve your low end. Although with BOSS pedals you tend to pay for 'the privilege of owning a BOSS' as it were.
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You CANNOT go wrong with the Boss OBD-3!! Very sweeet stomp.
You can adjust the amount of clean signal so its fully clean with out any od or you can make it as heavly overdriven as anything! plus has a 2band eq. Can get great tones out of this stomp. Iv tried out all sorts of od's and I can say I love this one the most!
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I have an Ibanez PD7 and it's excellent. It can dirty up your clean tone just a little bit, or give you a nice distorted tone that isn't over-the-top.

I've tried the BOSS ODB-3, and I personally thought it sounded crappy.

I also own a Big Muff, and used to swear by it until the PD7 came along. The Muff is good for a nice fuzzy buzzsaw tone, but it does drain your low end compared to a REAL bass distortion pedal.