Ok i finally have enough money to buy Ibanez RG2550E guitar , but the problem is that im going to buy it through ShopUSA (i live in iceland) and now i wan´t to know what store is best to buy from, Musicians Friend, Music 123 or Guitar Center? they all have the same price but i don't wan't anything to get damaged. i know that people here that have got it from music123 was fine but what are your opinions about the shippings of these 3 company's?

thanks in advance
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None of those ship outside of the US.

Some that do are:








For the guitar you're looking for I'd reccomend Ibanezrules.com. The setups performed on those guitars are unmatched.

im using shopusa it's a company that ships products from online stores in america to iceland i save about 400$ by using shopusa than buying it here, the dollar is so low right now plus i really don't like the store here in iceland that sels ibanez so i don't want to support them xD
not sure about iceland, but i have to complement you on your choice of guitar there

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