Which is the best noise gate out of the three?

MXR Smart Gate
Boss NS-2
EHX Hum Debugger

Im looking for one that doesnt suck tone or sustain... and dont say ISP Decimator.. because i cant find one here
Sigs are too hard to think up
i know the NS-2 colours the tone a bit, and it's probably not TB either so i guess you can scratch that...
don't know bout the rest.
Quote by the_crimison
dont say ISP Decimator.. because i cant find one here

Where are you? Maybe we can help.
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i don't usually use any effects or pedals, so please excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is a noise gate and what does it do?
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im in melbourne, Australia, and i know where the nearest ISP dealer is, and it is out in the country, about an hours drive away from where i am.. the problem is is that i go to boarding school, so getting there'll be tough.

and a noise gate just eliminates that annoying hum when you have too many effects on at once or high gain
Sigs are too hard to think up