I've decided that I want to sort myself out for home recording on my PC.
I found this: EMU 1820 PCI Card Breakout Box

Thing is, I'm only really going to be recording myself (generally acoustic and vocal) and perhaps a couple of extra tracks (lead/extra rhythm). This EMU package seems like overkill.

Could anyone recommend (preferably from personal experience) any better alternatives? I don't really want to spend a shed load of cash on something when I'm not going to use it to it's full potential.
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You could go for an M-Audio USB interface. If you want to limit yourself to simple recordings that don't require many simultaneous inputs then pretty much any interface will suit you. Check the M-Audio web page, they are a great brand, and there's definitely a solution for you there.

I don't want to advise you to buy limiting gear, but if you're sure that you won't go above guitar and vocals then I guess a cheap dual-track interface with built in preamps is for you.

Oh, and I know the guy who loves Line 6 Toneports will come by I'm not a fan, but they'll probably work well for you.
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I'm not sure if you can get a line 6 TonePort where you are but the UX1 from line6 would be cheaper and better for your situation.

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some others to look out for:
Lexicon Lambda USB Desktop Studio - $150
M-Audio Fast Track Pro - $200

It would be nice to know an actual set budget
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Cheers guys.

Budget isn't really much of a problem on the small scale. Just don't see the point spending like £500/$1000 when it's only for me at home.

Must admit the TonePort does look pretty nice. I reckon I'd go for the UX2 for the extra XLR port for mic'ing up + vocals.
I tried a cheap M-Audio product before and wasn't too impressed, but that one seems better. Their's a dealer not too far from me so I'll probably go test a couple out.

Someone else recommended I take a look at Focusrite Saffire. Any experience/opinions on them?



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I wasn't looking properly and missed the links to guitar/bass/vocals/effects for the TonePort. I can't believe how much you get with it (software/plugin-wise). I'm definately going to go test one of those out.
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Just another small thing about the TonePort. The KB37.
Is that basically just the same as the UX2 but with a keyboard? IE. Has the same software/effects with it?

For the matter of another £40 it would be worth it.
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If i'm not mistaken, you are correct.

They seem like a really quaint, fun little setup.

I'd go for it.
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I wouldn't go opening up a PC with a PCI card for this. Get something more portable and external. Probably a mixer with either USB or firewire (if you PC has firewire).

For personal recording there is no benefit to recording multiple tracks at once. Record each track separately-you will sing/play better that way.

A lot of has to do with how you are getting the sound from your guitar to the computer. Micing an amp takes some practice and skill or no matter what you record with, it will sound bad. Or using a cheap PC mic and its preamp will always sound bad.

I use an inexpensive setup and am happy with the recording and it woudl easly support what you are doing. See some examples at my profile.