I'm currently working on the rhythmguitar of one. The first part of the song isn't a problem at all. The second part is manageable but tough for me. But there is one section which I can't handle currently. It's the long triplet chain around 6:21. It's played on the A string, starting off beat and is five eight triplets long.

I barely manage to play the line till 85 bpm to the metronome. But the rest I can nearly play at original speed. It's not super clean but if I go down a few bpm it's ok.

I think, the main problem is, that I'm used to play the triplets on the E string more from the whrist, while the triplets on the A string are coming more out of a movment of my fingers which isn't nearly as fast as playing out of the whrist but way more accurate than the whrist thing. If I try to play the line on A out of my whrist I end up getting stuck on the D and E strings.

My guitar teacher says that my chord playing sounds really straight and tough but it seams that I have a problem with playing single note lines on one string. Well one could say, that my technique is just raw and sloppy but it's not at all looking like surgeons work when Hetfield is chopping his guitar.

Do you have any suggestions?
And please don't start a f****ing discussion about Hetfields good or bad technique. I left german forums to escape that phenomenon. Talk about my problems

Thy and bye
Correct me if im wrong.... but i'm sure there isn't any triplets in that song

seeing as because of that, i dont really know what you're on about.. all i can say is, rest your hand on the bridge, but behind where the strings go in (so your not palm muting)
and keep the movement in your wrist. keep your fingers still
mm i'm gonna sound like one of those 'i'm better than you' jerks here but that's not hard, its not even gallops or anything. that's just pumpin up and down at a constant speed (sixteenth notes at whatever bpm it is). Just get a good firm grip o that pick with not much stickin out and practise it slow and build your speed up gradually. playing things like this properly actually requires you to build your arm muscles that control the up and down motion so don't expect there to be an overnight solution. It'll come with time and practise.

EDIT: oh yeah and if you're trying to do it with a pick any thinner than 1.0mm then you've got no chance, get some thicker picks.
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Well the second part of that song is full of a hundred of triplets. At least it's written in the tabs as triplets.

I will try the resting hand thing you brought up when I get on it the next time.

Btw. my pick is a Dunlop Jazztone 205 I think that's a thicker one.