i bought a used vintage 30 16 ohm
and a used g12h which is 8 ohms

i have already read the ultimate tutorial thread but couldnt find anything on this

is this even possible to wire

my amp can only handle 8 or 4 ohms

please help
I'm pretty sure both speakers are either 8 or 16 ohms, so can't you wire the two 16's together to make an 8 ohm cab? i'm not positive though.
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if one speaker is 16 ohms and the other 8 ohms wiring them in parallel it will result in a 5.3 ohms load, but i'm not sure on what amp out you have to link them. nevertheless think the 4 ohms out should do
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i dont want to risk anything since this is a new mesa head

is there any way possible to wire the speaker to get an ohmage of either 4 or 8?
you could wire them in parallel to get 12 ohms that would work in either output configuration, 8 ohms would be better because it would be a smaller mismatch, you still wont get maximum volume, but the difference is minimal.

mismatches of a few ohms are generally fine, they design the head to be able to output into a higher load to account for large amounts of speaker wire.
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