Hello everyone, I was just wondering...does anyone have a great guide to putting active pickups in a guitar that had passive pickups? I've heard it takes some work to do so...and also I've heard that your guitar body needs to be big enough to hold everything. Would an Ibanez Iceman do? Well, thanks for everything.
nothing to it really, dont the humbuckers just fit into a humbucker cavity? and you'll want to change your pots to 25k pots, passives usually use 250k or 500k. All this requires is some unscrewing and desoldering and resoldering.
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Just remember that the connections at the back of the pickup go with the arrow facing you. The instructions seem to show otherwise. It's a common mistake. EMG has that in their FAQ section. You may have to also put in a stereo output jack. The jack acts as the switch that turns them on. Other than that they are pretty straightforward and usually come with what you need for the install.
Putting the pickups in is easy. But just check in the control cavity of your guitar whether theres space for a 9 volt battery. If there is, then your good to go.
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