forgive me for consistantly postin about amps but i just need to find out everythin i can before gettin 1 lol.
is this 1 gonna be any good?
am gonna try it out in the shop but just wanna get an idea of wot to expect first.
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I've got the DA 20. I like it. Great for blues, classic rock, floyd, stuff like that. If your into anything heavier it needs pedal help. Very versatile. Uses batteries for when no power supply is available, can plug a cd player into it, mic, headphones, whatever. It's not real loud though so if you plan on gigging you'll need PA assist, but for practice it's a nice little unit. Good Vox tone. I've got a Line 6 Pod XTL connected to it now and it takes to the amp modeling very well. For the music I like to play i won't need any other practice amp.
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