I wanna try get the dragonforce sound, i know they use piles of rack units but my guitar magazine said that their sound is high gain with an equil amount of compression. So i was thinking i could just use my boss mt-2 for the gain part and buy a compresser pedal of some kind for the compression? also ive been reading about compressers and most people are saying they go after the guitar but before the distortion but dont i wanna compress the distortion? well im confused can anyone help?
Basically youll need a tube amp with High gain high treble and lots of compression
So youre on the right track.
"also ive been reading about compressers and most people are saying they go after the guitar but before the distortion"

Well I'm sure you'll find out when you try it both ways.

They don't really have a distinctive sound, just a thick distortion, like the sound in the bit before the solo in Fury Of The Storm.
i got a peavy bandit and thats transtube will that work for now?

also can anyone recommend me a compression pedal?
That video wasnt really what i wanted... it was funny though lol but dragonforce rulz!!!!!!!! and im still looking for the answer to my question
I've seen 'em play on a stage with no back-stage area...no place to hide anything, and all they had was their 10,000 back up guitars, their high-gain Laney fullstacks, and their Whammy/Weeping Demon pedals. They had some rack tuners and power conditions, etc., but nothing really outstanding rack-wise. I'm sure in their boards they have some chorus and other effects though.
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Sorry I couldn't help but post this....that my friend is the key to their sound.

But to contribute to the thread, maybe some neat effects? I don't listen to Dragonforce but from what I gather something like a digitech whammy might help, of course you would want a decent amp first. Anywho with some key effects and a proper amp, the rest should be mostly up to your playing. Though i'm just assuming this, so taking the advice is up to you.
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thanks people for the help, ive seen their website and it seems they use some type of muilty effects now so i cant really tell what effects they are....
I already own a weeping demon (i bought it before i even knew about the band ) im saving for a digitech whammy pedal right now and i might get a few more effects before i buy another amp. also any more suggestions or help is welcome.
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