Please read the story and follow the instructions. We need your help in finding people for the upcoming Randy Rhoads documentary:

The makers of the new documentary film about late OZZY OSBOURNE/QUIET RIOT guitarist Randy Rhoads have issued the following update:

"As most of you are probably aware, our list of interview subjects is quite extensive. Most people have been located and I've have conversations with them about participating in the film. As we get towards the end of filming, we are finding that there are a few people who are still un-found. Having exhausted most Internet searches and friends/family, I am going to leave it up to the fans to help find the missing pieces."

The filmmakers are looking to contact the following people:

* Scott Shelley - Randy's guitar teacher
* Harold Friedman - early QUIET RIOT roadie
* Grace Miller - Friend
* Pete Mertons - Randy's guitar tech during his years with OZZY OSBOURNE
* Jake E. Lee - one of Randy's replacements in OZZY OSBOURNE's band

If you know how to contact any of the above, send an e-mail to:


A number of photos taken at Randy Rhoads's gravesite at the Mountain View Cemetery in San Bernardino, CA on March 19, 2007 to mark the 25th anniversary of Randy's passing have been posted online at this location.

With the blessings of the family of late OZZY OSBOURNE/QUIET RIOT guitarist Randy Rhoads, Dakota Pictures and director Peter Margolis began filming the "Randy Rhoads Documentary" on March 19 at the Mountain View Cemetery. In hopes to fully capture the significance of the 25th anniversary of Randy's passing, the filmmakers interviewed as many of Randy's fans as possible.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/randyrhoadsfilm.

In 1982, Rhoads, the then-lead guitarist for OZZY OSBOURNE, and two others were killed at Flying Baron Estates, just outside Leesburg, Florida, when their small plane struck Osbourne's tour bus, then crashed into a mansion.


Thank you for helping to pass the word.

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