i believe you might want to get a program for recording, like cakewalk, or tracktion, or something like that to record and organize your recordings,
and a program on your computer to record with.
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$179 wtf? I doubt its quality but I could be wrong.

Yeah pretty much.
MIXER since i think that interface only has one channel, You'll need the mixer. If an interfacer has more than 4 channels, a mixer would be an extra to get more instruments into the duh mix.
ok the mixer is the thing i plug the mic intro, the thing with all the knobs on it, do i plug my amp directly into the mixer, i dunno ive played guitar for 4 years but i dont know about this stuff. what the hell is the interface, is that my computer? is it something like audicity? plz help
the mixer is where u plug everything into mic, guitar, bass, ect. then u can tweak the sounds and volumn through the mixer, for your amp you can either mic it up for the guitar, or u can record directly into your computer through the mixer if your software has that capibility, the interface is a connector sorta, most laptops have limited usb ports so the interface thing gives you more usb ports to plug more stuff in, its really a connector for everything
THANK YOU masterk, i finally understand

i can drop around 400 dollars on a set up what should i get?
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THANK YOU masterk, i finally understand

i can drop around 400 dollars on a set up what should i get?

honostly i dont know about the quality of some of those mixers and such, i think through some researching of reviews and stuff you will be able to make a well educated descision, good luck, pm me when u have some recording id love to hear some
yea read the sticky as well.......

That Behringer pack will work but I don't think its something worth spending money on
software comes with it which is Ableton Live Lite 4

Better way to go is with a 2 input interface with built in preamps and a mic.

The mixer is all just in that pack because the interface used doesnt have enough inputs to begin with which is never a good thing. Then add the Behringer title to it and you know the quality wont be anything near good.......
Get a good interface with two inputs and a Shure SM57 mic with pop filter. You will be able to record anything with that setup and wont be needing any mixer to add to the cost. If your mic is dynamic like the Shure is then you wont need phantom power either.

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oh and for software Cubase or Audacity...Audacity is nice to start on and useful