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as you can see there i was planning on buying something in the price range of 300
but now i get my doubts becouse i already have a pretty deent guitar, i shouldnt buy one who is only a little bit better then my current one

so im aiming for something between 500 - 800 ( euros or dollars) for my new guitar
any suggestions?
currently have a cube amp

i play everything around rock, hardrock, alternative (mellower) rock,...
didn't buy the jet king

new amp isn't needed atm cous at rehearsals or in guitar lessons i play on a diffrent amp
only at home i play this cube

btw what do you guys think about this
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I love firebirds. Just remember that one is a set neck and not a neck-thru like the higher end models.
dude. Schecter. seriously. dont ignore greatness
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thinking about upping the budget to a top lvl of 1200ish

any more comments about the firebird?