its basically super sick. its heavy as hell. maple body, flame maple top, neck through, bubinga fretboard, the pickups arent that awesome, im gonna replace those. scored it for $125 w/ a parker gig bag that is loaded with Parker guitar goodies (strapkeys and a tremolo arm). ill put those on ebay, i dont want em. what do yo uguys think? New these are 450 pounds, so im assuming they are primarily sold in the UK? oh yeah, its made in korea.
something like that looks like it shouldve been sold for $125 at all. Especially for having rail pickups and being a Neck Thru. nice deal.
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that's a hot guitar. i'd take it.
coming soon... parker fly mojo flame
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damn thats beautiful.

How does it sound? I'm thinking of making my own alder-body maple neck through build so I assume it would sound similiar.
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I heard they're gonna introduce them in america.They look super cool and they are packed with mad awesome features.
Is that seriously a solid, 1 piece, Maple body?

That thing has gotta have a really bright tone. I bet it sounds amazing.

Hmm...I wonder...
You should consider putting a Tele bridge pick-up in there.
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