im writing a paper for English Comp 2 (due today) and its over the electoral college..

argumentative, no research


what would you all suggest going over in this paper?

to cover what i already know about this subject:

each state has their own # of "electies" depending on their population (kind of).. and they dont necessarily have to vote for what they said they were or in favor of how their states popular vote went.

popular vote is counted and tallied, but its essentially useless.. its like the points in Whos Line is it Anyway.
why it is outdated
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I imagine (though I don't know) it was a means of speeding up the voting process given the lack of electronic communication at the time - how do you get a message from West Virginia to Washington?

That's probably 4 days by horse, right?

Nowadays we don't need the system anymore, and it's proven to usurp the popular vote in close elections of the pass - notably Adams/Jefferson and more recently Gore/Bush.

Ditch it.
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i would say it was never really "outdated" but more uneeded and ..*possibly* unconstitutional..?

it makes america less a full democracy and more a parlimentary (is that a word?) system...

thanks, tho... thats a paragraph or 2
maybe suggest a better method, or updating it... because its bs. argue why it is bs... lol.
WOW! thanks for that Adams/Jefferson bit of info... i knew about Bush/Gore.. but didnt know it had happened before
A parliamentary system involves multiple parties making compromises in order to get laws passed - a superior system to the two party system that is all but unavoidable here.

Say ultraliberals and democrats need to hash it out with moderate republicans to bring the troops home...

Between them they'd probably come up with a better solution than either of the two parties we have now.
"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."