Hi guys!
I'm going to the US on friday and I'm going to buy myself some stompbox effects.
I currently have a great, vintage Marshall tube amp and a digitech distortion factory df-7.

I play a Carvin CT3C. I want my tone to be Petruccish. Or to go from smooth lead runs to smashing overdrive\distortion.

I'm going to guitar center on manhattan one of the following days.
What I'm wondering about is what effects I should buy.

I guess I'll need a decent compressor. And perhaps some other overdrive\distortion, I don't know if the df-7 is good enough?

My budget is about 180 dollars per pedal or I could pay more for a really good one, this resulting in me not buying an other.

So please, what would I need to get a great tone when playing live.
Thank you
uh, what model of amp are you playing? any cabs? what speakers? what style of music do you play?
I am playing an old Marshall amp with 2x12 T75s. It's pretty much like an JCM800 50 W I guess.
I play metal, hard rock, and a bit progressive rock and metal(dream theater).
I guess I'll be needing a compressor, a delay and overdrive?
any suggestions?