OK, so I was talking to this guy I know in school the other day. He is playing bass while we talk (we were in music class), so we're talking guitars, basses etc. I say to him something like "bass seems hard to me, i can't play with my fingers real well, i gotta use a pick, but i can make my guitar sound bass-like with effects, palm muting, and equalization and stuff"

He then asks if i have a guitar amp or a bass amp. I have a guitar amp. He says then, you know if you try and sound like a bass you're gonna **** up your amp. Is he right? Im a guitar noob so i don't know much about this stuff but that doesn't seem right. I mean how do metal players play with that low bass sound without screwing up their amp? Tom Morello plays a lot of low 5th and 6th string guitar riffs.... so im trying to figure this out.

Any help would be cool!
Nah, you amp will be fine. Unless you're using low tunings, heavy strings, and an octave down pedal all at the same time, you're not gonna screw it up. I've played an active bass through my 5w 6" tube amp, and it doesn't get hurt.
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Playing alot of actual bass will mess with ur amp if u do it alot or loudly. Ur amp should be fine, unless u put ur bass on 10, everything else on 0, and turn it up loud, u should be fine.
that's all bull i think. he has it backwards that you'll probably screw up a bass amp with a guitar in it, but yet its very unlikely, bass amps are loud, but they aren't meant for guitars, or else guitars would have 500 watt amps for like $300. But there is a reason for it. and i am pretty sure that a bass would definetly not knock up your guitar amp.
It can easily pop your speaker, be careful.
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You won't screw up a bass amp playing a regular guitar through it. The Fender Bassman didn't start life as a guitar amp, you know...

However, playing a bass through a regular guitar amp can be harmful, because the amp isn't designed to handle such low frequencies, so be careful.
As long as you don't play an actual bass guitar or keyboard through a guitar amp you will have no problem. Even the lowest note on a down-tuned guitar is not lower than the open first string of a bass. Bass guitar notes will rip the speaker cone on most regular guitar amps. Playing a guitar through a bass amp is fine and even prefered by some.