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20 49%
21 51%
Voters: 41.
I dunno, it seems like a pretty cool show whenever I've watched it, but I cant shake the feeling that it might be a show for girls.

I mean, there's some badass stuff in it, but I still get this girly vibe form it... I'll have to perform further research to be sure.
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Wow, I've been here for a while.

anyway, never seen it:P
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Only if you're thinking 'phwoar look at that' whilst watching it.
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I think it's one of the more badass shows on television... right?
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never heard of it, but it doesn't sound like a girl show
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Nah it makes you awesome cause it's a damn good show!
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oh yeah my vote made it 11 : 10

my vote matters none of yours do :P
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Seems a bit girly to me.

I dont watch it anyway - though I'm not the meter by which the masculinity of shows is measured. Yet.
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Well yeah I think so. Some of the characters in the show that shouldn't be, are a bit feminin based. Not like girly or anything, but just working from a woman's point of view kind of thing..

anyways, I've never seen it, don't know what it's about either.
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if you have to ask, it prolly is

dun worry about it. be comfortable enough in your manhood that you can watch a girly show and not start menstruating on the spot. there are some chick flicks that i like, for example. im comfortable enough with my manhood to say it, and i won't turn down a beer and a tittie show or a die hard movie for nothin.
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