does anybody know a site where i can download some good pro tools plug-ins?

i have all the basic ones included with pro tools, but im quite unsatisfied with them.

is there a place that i can find some high end ones? preferably for free.. lol

If they were high end they would not be free.
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Good call

Man, you should be a mod, you know everything.

The only advanced plug in I could ever ask for is a 9 band graphic EQ, a chorus / flanger, a vinyl crackle creator, or a good amp simulator.
Check out Massey plugins and the PluggoJr suite. Both work for ProTools and have a bunch of more or less useful effects.

BrianApocalypse: chorus and flanger can be "approximated" using the standard delays that come with ProTools (they're both variations on delays).
^ I'd rather have an actual chorus, delays never sound full, and don't provide that vintage 1950s/60s surf sound.

Protools 9 band (incl. HP/LP filters) is great, but I wish it had a few more bands.